LRC International, Inc. is a management consulting firm with expertise in business strategy execution. We have an industry wide reputation of working with teams to deliver results.

We cause transformational shifts in the current mindset and thinking as it relates to:
• Executing business strategy
• Expanding leadership capabilities
• Achieving extraordinary business results

We examine and address questions that no one else is asking: how do you get smart, talented and successful people to abandon what they know from the past that no longer serves the future? How do you get your leadership to bring “new thinking” to current issues and opportunities?

Our work intrudes into the current organizational reasoning and business-as-usual mode of operating. This enables us to cause rapid, high impact change throughout an organization. A growth leadership mindset by itself is insufficient for creating a successful growth business. Growth strategy implementation is critical to the fulfillment of any organization’s future plans and goals. We believe that successful growth companies have the leadership capabilities to execute strategies with both speed and adaptability. Anyone can create a strategy. Few can effectively execute successfully.